oklisten to this. is USI-TECH scammy?

How do we Profit?

we all profit by contributing our small amounts of bitcoin (BTC) into a big pot which is then used by the owners of USI-TECH to earn bitcoin by various crypto businesses, one of which is mining bitcoin. they are mining about 14 to 15 bitcoin per day! that is phenomenal! and we all get a share of the profits. ie Profit Sharing.

okget yourself educated and informed.

in our USI-TECH account, we earn bitcoin in two ways:

1. by investing small or large amounts of bitcoin. we invest for example $100/$1,000/$10,000 worth of bitcoin (BTC) and get a return of $140/$1,400/$14,000 worth of BTC. in other words we get a ROI (return on investment) of 140%.  we earn 1% per day. our  investment is held for 140 business days (mon-fri). on the 100th day, you can see on your chart that your original investment (principal) is there. and then on the 140th day, you can see your principal, plus your 40% profit.  you can have a look at my chart down the bottom of this page.
2. by bonuses for signing others up!

okget yourself started.

i know that my signing other people up is not dodgy – i have increased my bitcoin and so can others.

1. they get informed so that they can earn bitcoin profits also and
2. we earn that bonus! people always need to be educated. we provide education materials and personal contact if they are really scared. most crypto newbies get scared when they begin. the antidote is to educated and inform yourself – we have put only the best education and how to’s on this site.

investing in crypto currency is more fun and more sensible in a group!

cheers from marion

my charts

about chart 1

look at the bottom two entries on the chart.
the first two packages i bought.
at 140 days, that is 140 days including saturdays and sundays, the payout balance has not yet reached the full 140%.
now look at chart 2. the same two packages, are now completed.


about chart 2.
these entries are the first two packages i bought.
they are now completed. and i received a ROI of 140% on day 154. ie, i bought a package for 0.0347 BTC  and received a ROI of 0.0485 BTC.
i withdrew this profit ie 0.0138 BTC.
and liquidated(converted BTC to $AUD and transferred to my bank account). so my profit was $AUD 282.00 approx!  all on auto-pilot!


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